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We are proud of the case law we have made since 1988, some citations for which appear below.  The Florida Bar requires us to notify those who visit this page that the following information on cases in which we have been involved is by no means a testimonial nor intended to be an exhaustive list.  Like all lawyers, we have won some and we have lost some.  The information below refers to events and results documented by the Courts and has not been reviewed or approved by The Florida Bar.  Each individual's situation may differ from past cases or results, so no one should interpret our past cases or results as examples of what will or will not happen in their particular circumstances.  Each case and issue must be reviewed on its own merits.

News and Sun-Sentinel Company v. Cox, et al., 702 F.Supp. 891 (SD. Fla. 1988), holding unconstitutional state statute banning newspaper street vendors

Satcher v. Honda Motor Co. Ltd., et al., 758 F.Supp. 393 (S.D. Miss 1991), holding doctrine of crashworthiness in Mississippi applies to motorcycles

Doe v. State of Florida (the Kathy Willets case), 587 So.2d 526 (Fla. 4th DCA 1991), approved, Post-Newsweek Stations of Florida, Inc., 612 So.2d 549 (Fla. 1992), holding media has right of access to documents containing names of prostitute's "johns" obtained through criminal investigation of sheriff's deputy's wife

Glasser et al. v. City of Wilton Manors, Case # 96-3525(12), Brow.Cir.Ct. (Appellate division), aff'd per curiam, City of Wilton Manors v. Glasser, et al., 717 So.2d 1031 (Fla. 4th DCA 1998), holding city residents entitled to attorneys fees award under Florida's frivolous lawsuit statute after city filed frivolous defenses to land use rezoning case

Fanizza v. Florida Commission on Ethics, 927 So.2d 23 (Fla. 4th DCA 2006), holding former city councilmember/attorney did not violate state's ethics laws regulating elected officials' conduct when she abstained from voting on appropriation of attorneys fees, and when she sued her city for illegally using special exception statute instead of undertaking rezoning of property

Estate of Solomon v. Marlow, Estate of Hernesh v. Marlow, et al., 154 A.D.3d 633 (NY 1st Dept. 2017), upholding settlement agreement in probate and administration cases

In the Matter of Varone Irrevocable Trust et al., 195 A.D.3d 728 (NY 2nd Dept. 2021), upholding settlement agreement in trust accounting case

The cases cited above, which we fought hard and won, show our dedication to our clients and the law.  In the second to last case cited above, which was personal to us, we were determined to clear our name and not let partisan politics control.  As a result, the State of Florida was ordered to pay our costs, and did pay our costs, for pursuing the matter.