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The areas of estate planning and elder law include assisting our clients in the preparation of wills and trusts; planning for long-term care with Medicaid planning and applications; planning for or dealing with incapacity through powers of attorney or guardianship proceedings; planning for health care decision-making through health care proxies and living wills; and assisting veterans with making claims for benefits to the Veterans Administration.

The areas of probate and estate administration include ensuring a decedent's property and estate assets are transferred to those whom they designate, if they have a valid will, or to those whom the law says it should go, if they do not have a will.

The areas of real estate and real estate litigation include assisting our clients with the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties, transferring property as part of an overall estate plan, removing oneself from co-ownership of property (e.g., partition) and other problems associated with real estate ownership.

The areas of corporate and commercial law include assisting our clients in their businesses, from sole proprietorships to medium-sized corporations.  Our legal assistance includes providing advice on day-to-day issues associated with running a business, drafting business or employment contracts, preparing the business for family succession in the client's overall estate plan, and defending or representing the business in litigation.

The area of civil litigation includes bringing and defending clients in lawsuits in the civil court system in New York only.  This includes business-related lawsuits (e.g., collections), personal lawsuits (e.g., partition), guardianship proceedings, challenges to wills, and a variety of other types of lawsuits.